Working on a new game: Riding Mr. Panda

March 5, 2012 - 11:34 am

( This game is now called “Run, Panda, Run!”)

After a weekend of tinkering with Unity3D, I am now ready to use what I have learned.

While I am eager to create the next Portal or Mass Effect, I decided to go with something simple and easy. I also wanted something that has an established game mechanic so I can concentrate more on development than game design.

After a lot of thought, I decided to create something similar to the game mode in Crash Bandicoot 3 where you control Coco riding a tiger along the Great Wall of China.

To those who can’t remember, perhaps the video below can help jog your memory:

Simple? Check. Easy to do? Check. Fun? Check. Gentlemen, we now have a new project!

While I am going to copy the mechanics of the game, I will be doing the art, story, and music from scratch. So yeah, instead of a bandicoot riding a tiger, we will go with a baby riding a cute and fat panda. Props to my girlfriend for the idea.

My objectives for this project are as follows:

  • Finish the game in less than 3 Months
  • Have it working on the desktop, browser and mobile devices
  • Learn how to model in 3D
  • Create a simple music to go along with the game
  • Log the progress of the project on this blog every week
  • Monetize the game


So what have I done so far? Well…

Riding Mr. Panda Devlog: Week 0

It took me a whole day before I got the basics of the game down.

Here are the stuff that I have finished:


  • Basic character movement
  • Basic actions (Jump, Slide and Run)
  • Basic camera behavior
  • Sample Level
  • 3 gameplay modes ( Normal, Time Trial and Reverse modes)


Check out the video below to see the updates:

Goodluck to me!

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2 responses to “Working on a new game: Riding Mr. Panda”

  1. Tristan T. Angeles says:

    Ikaw nag model neto? Ano ginamit mo? lupet ah!

  2. Karlo says:

    Haha. No. Those models are part of the Unity3D tutorials. They are placeholders lang.

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