Run, Panda, Run Game Devlog – Week 3

March 24, 2012 - 11:46 pm

To see if my game would work on mobiles, I decided to concentrate on mobile deployment for this week.

The big problems that I encountered this week was the very slow loading times when changing between scenes and that frame rates differ from one device to another ( Samsung Galaxy S is around 30-35 fps but on Samsung Galaxy Tab the frame rates were halved ).  It’s a good thing that I encountered them early as it would guide my decisions for optimization in the future.

Here’s the devlog video for Week 3:

Here are the finished tasks in list form:

  • Tested game to Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Added mobile controls
  • Mobile controls now work even in the Unity editor
  • Sprinting gradually increases speed
  • Sliding is now brought back
  • Added a menu scene
  • Fixed bug where two simultaneous touches affects the camera in a weird way
  • Added picked up items GUI
  • Picked up objects are respawned when the player dies
  • Changed the camera position in reverse mode
  • Added blob shadow projector
  • Fixed bug where camera isn’t turning anymore after respawn

For next week I shall be reducing the polygons on my character models and work on a new background and obstacle models.

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