Run, Panda, Run – Week 1

March 10, 2012 - 5:37 am

(This game was previously called Riding Mr. Panda)

I always feel motivated every time I start a new project. Knowing this, I decided to push myself and get a lot done before the enthusiasm starts to fade out. Looking at my progress, I’d say I did a good job as most of the basic stuff are already finished.

Here are the latest updates in list form:

  • Imported Penelope assets as placeholder
  • Camera view tweaks
  • Continuous sliding under low-ceiling obstacles
  • Obstacle collisions
  • Player spawning and checkpoints
  • Improved camera turning in reverse mode
  • Fixed camera movement on slopes in reverse mode
  • Lots of tweaks and performance improvements

For this coming week I will be focusing on learning how to create 3D models. I hope this doesn’t take long.


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