Rescue Support – My LudumDare # 21 Entry

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Rescue Support – My LudumDare # 21 Entry

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Rescue Support is a game I made for Ludum Dare #21 wherein you take control of a rescue ship to rescue and help out your comrades. The unique twist I made with this game is that you take the role as support. You have no guns that you can fire but you do get to help out the team by dropping turrets to help with killing enemies, and health packs to regenerate health. The more people you rescue and bring back to your base, the more money you get for equipment and upgrades.

This game is my entry to Ludum Dare #21, a widely known rapid game making contest on the internet where participants need to create a game solo in 48 hours. The theme for this contest is “Escape”.

Take note that because of the short time span given for development, there are still some room for improvement to this game.

Platform: Browser / Flash
Programming Language: ActionScript 3
Frameworks used:
Flixel Framework
+ Flixel Power Tools
Total time spent on development: 16 hours


Screenshots / Images

Latest news about this game

  • Video Playthrough: Rescue Support
  • Here’s my game entry for Ludum Dare #21

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