My Plans for Detective Rizal

October 24, 2011 - 10:35 pm

Although development for Detective Rizal is currently at a halt, it doesn’t mean that I have completely forgotten about it.

Over the past few weeks I have come up with a plan on what I will do with the project once I decide to resume development. Keep in mind that these are not set in stone yet and may change in the future:

  • First plan of action is that I will be porting the project from AGS to Flash so that people can access and play it online. This means no more downloading and installing. Just get the link and start playing.
  • I also have already talked to some people if whether they are interested in collaborating for the project. So this means I will be delegating the art and writing to them while I concentrate on programming. Because frankly, I suck at script writing.
  • I am also planning on looking for a sponsor who can fund the project to keep the team motivated because while I can run with an empty stomach, I don’t think others in the team can. This also means that the game will remain free forever.
  • Finally, we might add some new stuff to the project gameplay-wise. It’s a secret for now but I guarantee that the game will be more engaging and fun.

So that’s about it. I just thought I’d write about it to let fans know that the project is not dead yet.

For now, you guys can enjoy the demo by downloading it here. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them on the comments section below.

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One response to “My Plans for Detective Rizal”

  1. Pat Celso says:

    I hope na may Mario concept na new game na related kay Rizal. Maganda kapag based sa Noli. Iligtas ni Ibarra si Maria Clara mula sa kumbento. LOL! Pwedeng gawing places iyong San Diego, bahay ni Tiago, kwartel, kumbento at simbahan. Maging sidekick niya si Elias kalaban ang buwaya, Padre Damaso at mga gwardya sibil. May mga mini-games din at mga NP characters like Nor Juan, Dona Victorina or Consolacion LOL! Suggestion lng po.

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