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Movaball is a 2-player game thats can be described as a futuristic game of billiards. The objective is to change the color of all your opponent’s balls to your color by hitting them with your main ball (or puck), and avoiding hitting the red balls.  The game features real-life physics and customizable play modes.

Movaball is a game I created in under 8 days as a challenge to myself. You see, my biggest problem is that I always take on game development projects that are too large of a scope that I rarely finish them. This game is the first out of the many projects I’m planning to do that will only take a week or two to finish. I’m hoping that once I already have a number of finished games under my belt, I will be ready to take on bigger ones.

Platform: Online / Browsers
Prog. Language: Actionscript 3
Frameworks and Libraries used: Flixel and Box2DFlash
Total Development Time: Less than 8 days

Music by: Jerel Limayo

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