The missing week 5 recap and my development timetable

April 11, 2012 - 8:37 pm

Just a quick update.

I didn’t have the time to post the week 5 recap for Run, Panda, Run as I was out-of-town during the Holy Week. To bring the balance back to the universe I will be squeezing the missed recap onto week 6. This means that you can expect one long video this coming Saturday.

I also took the time to plot out a timetable for the project to see what tasks are left to work on. I’ve only done this now because prior to this week I didn’t have a good grasp of the amount of work involved on the project.

Month 2

Week 5 ( the week with the missing recap )

  • Level changing
  • Face changing

Week 6 ( the week with the long video to expect )

  • Obstacles and other objects
  • Obstacle collisions

Week 7 ( the week where I will try to dabble with game analytics )

  • Analytics
  • Menus

Week 8 ( the week where the world will come alive )

  • Backgrounds
  • Story

Month 3

Week 9 ( the week for playtesters )

  • Polish
  • GUI
  • Bug fixes
  • Playtesting

Week 10 ( the week where we add music! )

  • Obstacles and other objects
  • Backgrounds
  • Music
  • Sound effects

Week 11 ( The week where there are two more weeks left! Eek! )

  • Optimization
  • Cutscenes

Week 12 ( The week where I can’t wait to have this game shipped! )

  • Polish
  • Final playtesting

So looking at the table above we can assume that I can have the game released by the first week of June.

Great. We now have a game plan!

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