Learning about the problems with OOP

January 6, 2017 - 5:37 pm

I always try my best to structure my code according to the OOP way. It is a lofty goal that starts out great but then slowly becomes a mess the program gets bigger and new features (mostly unplanned) are added. It comes to a point where managing such messes becomes tedious and time consuming which forces me to rely on dirty shortcuts just to get things moving along. I always feel sad when I this happens. I always vow that next time would be different but, sadly, the same thing seems to happen every time.

My thinking is that maybe I just did something wrong or maybe I’m still inexperienced. While both a possibilty, sometimes I can’t help but feel encumbered by OOP rules where things become more complicated than it should be. Who am I to question things though? OOP has been around for a very long time and everyone seems to be using it everywhere. Surely it’s the best option that we have, right?

I eventually stumbled upon this video below titled “Object Oriented Programming is Bad”. It has a click baity title, but is worth checking out. It is informative, well-presented, and actually makes a lot of good points! The presentation tackles a lot of what makes OOP problematic in specific situations which validated my feelings about it. It also states a great case as to why an alternative (procedural and functional programming) are a better option.


My takeaway from the video is that OOP is not the only approach to programming. There are others out there worth discovering like functional and procedural programming, which I already heard about before but did not give too much mind. Maybe now is a good time to give it a better look.

I’m not ditching OOP entirely though as it has it’s uses. It would be nice to learn more about the other approaches in the hopes of helping me manage my current and future projects.

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