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Global Game Jam Entry: The Pacifist

Take note that this game was only created in 48 hours! So there are still some bugs and problems in the game. Don’t worry we will be fixing them soon.

Game details:

You take control of a boy who needs to go through a forest full of endangered species in order to get home. You remember your mother’s warning that you should never hurt or kill any animals as they may become extinct and respawn as ghosts and haunt you forever.

The game highly discourages killing. If you happen to kill an animal, they spawn as ghosts and try to exact revenge by preventing you from reaching your goal. The more ghosts there are, the harder the level becomes.

The levels are designed so that you will be forced to making decisions on whether to kill an animal or not. There are times when killing, makes things easier. There are times that it doesn’t. It’s up for you to decide what choice you make.

Game Designer: Licudine, Juan Karlo
Programmer: Suarez, Dan Leland
Programmer: Jonas Espelita
Artist/Assistant Programmer: Dayrit, Fabian Lorenzo

Music: Grape Garden Remix – Remixed by Jester667
Original music from Kirby’s Adventure. Copyright of Nintendo.

Sound effects created using: SFXR by Tomas Pettersson – http://www.drpetter.se/project_sfxr.html

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    4 responses to “Global Game Jam Entry: The Pacifist”

    1. […] This time, we feature the creators of the game The Pacifist. A platformer game that encourages the player to pass through the level without hurting or killing the animals along the way. The full game can be found on the main global game jam site or play the game online at Karlo’s Website! […]

    2. Jes Guilas says:

      Hi Juan Karlo!

      Nice game! Honestly, I find your work fun! =)

      By the way, I saw your profile at linkedin.com.I was hoping to find independent game developers like you. I am looking for partners who could contribute to a website which I plan to have in the future.

      Is there another way I could contact you?


      Jes Guilas

    3. […] is a port of the famous Flixel game engine which I have used numerous times before on diff-er-ent projects. So I am hoping that my familiarity with the framework will greatly help with […]

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