In Development

Escape of the Minibots

A puzzle platformer where you control more than one character at a time.

Finished Games

Pop Puff and Away!

A unique puzzle game where stepping on arrows throws you in the direction they are pointing at

Dice Kingdoms

Android game prototype based on one of my favorite browser games called Dice Wars.


An arcadey first-person action platformer.


A futuristic game of billiards where you need to change the color of all your opponent’s balls to your color.


A Tetris clone using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript


A Sudoku game created using 32-bit Assembly Language. Source code included.



Survival multiplayer game where players play as survivors and another controls the boss monster.

Rescue Support – LD# 21

Take the role of support and help your teammates escape to your base. This is my entry for Ludum Dare #21.

Escalator Escape

Escalator Escape is a gameplay experiment done using HTML5 and Javascript. Stay on the escalators for as long as possible by vaulting from one to the next.

The Pacifist

A game where killing an endangered species will turn them into ghosts and will haunt you throughout the whole game.


Run, Panda, Run! (Tentative Title)

Control Bobo the Panda as he takes Baby out for a ride.

Detective Rizal and the Jaded Ruby

A point-and-click adventure game inspired by the Ace Attorney and Detective Conan Series

Trapped in Time

A top-view manic shooter where you need to survive warms of enemies while jumping