An existing panda runner

April 25, 2012 - 9:06 am

Lately, I have been getting visits from search engines under the keyword “panda run”. It got me a little curious as my game is still in development and is relatively unknown to the non-gamedev world. After a little searching I found out that there is actually an existing game on the Google Play marketplace called “Panda Run“.

Our games are somewhat similar but there are differences. “Panda Run” is clearly derived from “Temple Run” which is evident from the controls and the randomly generated levels. It was something I considered before but decided against as my influences lies more from Crash Bandicoot.

This discovery got me concerned though. Particularly, with the name of my game. Will the similarities in name affect my visibility in the marketplace? There’s a possibility that the other game will be mistaken as mine and might affect its credibility.

I might get a new name before release maybe somewhere along the lines of “Penny and Bobo” named after the main protagonists. Although that too may pose some problems especially on the name-recall front.

Whatever the case, this requires a lot of thought. I shall post my decision here soon. For now, it’s time to finish this game!


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