Dice Kingdoms

Important Note: The build above may have a couple of bugs, if you find one leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

About the game:

Dice Kingdoms is based on a browser game called DiceWars where you capture other territories through dice rolls. Kind of like a simplified version of Risk.

In this game I have made a couple of improvements to the AI. There are currently different types of AI, each with their own behaviors and specific strategies which gives a new level of strategy to the game:

  • Normal AI – Your basic AI behavior. Picks attacks where he thinks he can win.
  • Cautious AI – Only selects attacks that has a higher chance of winning
  • Defensive AI – Amasses huge armies before making their attack
  • Aggressive AI – Likes to take risks

How to play:

  • You control the red kingdom. Click on your territories and then click on your enemy neighbor’s territories to attack
  • The numbers on the castles signify the number of dice you will roll when attacking as well as when defending
  • The one with the highest roll wins the battle
  • At the end of every turn, you get additional dice based on the number of territories you own and are randomly assigned throughout your territories


  • Playable on Desktop browsers and Android devices (APK download link coming soon!)
  • Features different AI Types: Normal, Aggressive, Cautious, and Defensive.
  • Random map generation

Platform: Android, Desktop Browsers
Made with: Haxe Flixel
Music by: Jerel Limayo

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      Where can we play this game?

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