Status: Temporarily Halted
Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: Free!

Not sure which file to download?

Attention! Development for Detective Rizal has been temporarily halted. I do have new plans for the game so watch out for the new version soon!

Short Description: Detective Rizal and the Jaded Ruby is an adventure game with a mystery/detective concept inspired by the Phoenix Wright series and Detective Conan Anime.

Take control of the titular character, Jose Rizal, and help him solve the murder of your friend’s father by looking for clues, solving puzzles, interrogating witnesses and confronting the culprit.

Detective Rizal and the Jaded Ruby is an entry for the “Jose Rizal is in a Video Game Compeition“. A game competiton where we feature the Philippine’s National Hero, Jose Rizal, in a video game.

Game Features for Detective Rizal:

  • Visual novel style gameplay
  • Challenging puzzles and problems
  • A unique and enganging story
  • A look at Rizal’s personality during his youth
  • Point and click gameplay for easy playing
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