Created the “Emacs Haxe Tools” Repo

December 26, 2016 - 10:23 am

I have been using Emacs as my main development environment for my Haxe projects for quite awhile now in spite of the lack of helpful packages for the language.

To remedy this, I have made a number of tools and convenience functions that aid me with my everyday use. I have decided to package these in a repo so that it can be of use for other Haxe developers looking into using Emacs.

The Emacs Haxe Tools is a collection of code to help with Haxe development on Emacs. This package should be considered as a collection of random tools that may or may not be helpful. Most of the functions here were added because I myself need them in my work so do not expect this to be comprehensive.

You can get it or view the source code by going to its Github page.

You might also be interested in my other Emacs package, Emacs Haxe Imports, that handles import declarations for Haxe. Based on the excellent Emacs Java Imports package.

I am planning to add a few more tools to this repository in the future. Mostly helper functions in editing Haxe files. Might even make a tutorial on setting up a working Haxe environment on Emacs. Hopefully, I can find the time.

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