Release Date: Released
Platforms: Web Browser
Music by: Jerel Limayo


Complexitivity wins first place in the Kongregate-Ludum Dare game making challenge!

Complexitivity is an arcadey first-person platformer game where you control an anti-virus agent and you are tasked to repair holes created by a virus that has infected your system.

The files serve as platforms that you can use to traverse the system. But overtime, these platforms disappear making the game a very hectic platformer.

Latest News

  • Complexitivity wins first place at the Kongregate-Ludum Dare Game Contest
  • Complexitivity submitted to IGF China 2012
  • Play the Newest Version of Complexitivity!
  • Complexitivity (Post-Compo): The basic core mechanic
  • Complexitivity (Post-Compo): Fire at will
  • 3 responses to “Complexitivity”

    1. Karlo says:

      Testing comments page.

    2. 123gas321 says:

      Very nice game, the levels do feel a little slow, and the difficulty increases very fast! And will there be more power-ups? 😀

    3. […] to change the placement a bit. It’s a good thing that I learned a thing or two from my game Complexitivity on hexagonal tile […]

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