Complexitivity (Post-Compo): Fire at will

September 4, 2012 - 4:50 am

Try out and rate the original game here.
Try the post-compo version here.

Since I have some free time before my next project, I decided to continue development on Complexitivity. For this post-compo version, I have added a feature that drastically changes how you play the game: The ability to restore tiles from where your crosshairs are pointing at. GASP!

I’m serious. This new addition gives the player a bit more of a fighting chance against the virus at the expense and adds to the choice the player has to make.

If you have played this game, I welcome any comments on this new addition.

Update 1.03 includes:

  • You can now restore tiles at will by clicking on the left-mouse button
  • Made controls more responsive
  • Made jumping less floaty
  • Tweaks to difficulty
  • Improvements to performance and code

Try out the post-compo version here. If you still haven’t, please rate the original entry here.

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