Complexitivity: My game’s biggest flaw

September 1, 2012 - 5:23 am

The past week has been great. I managed to gather a lot of really helpful criticisms and suggestions about Complexitivity. This gave me insight of what the game’s strengths are and where it falls short.

The biggest flaw that seems to be keeping the game from being great is its low lasting appeal.

“It’s fun for awhile”

I seem to get this often just like in my previous LD attempt. I always manage to come up with a fun core mechanic but fail to sustain it for a long time. Sure there were those who enjoyed it and played it for a few times, but according to the statistics, some just played it once and then moved on.

As can be seen above, there were those who played the game a couple of times. Some were very skilled that they don’t need more than 4 tries to get the top positions.

From what I learned above, it is the high score that motivates more playthroughs.  I believe, however, that this is not enough as noThere should be something else that should hook the players.

What is my solution? I’m not sure yet. But at least I know now what to improve upon on my post-compo build.

If you still haven’t tried my game, play it here.

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