I created an AnimatedSprite Tool for Flambe

March 10, 2015 - 10:21 am

One of the coolest thing about Flambe is its animation pipeline. Using a tool called Flump, it takes animations made in Adobe Flash, converts them to  texture atlases, and then translates the animation data into a json or xml file which Flambe can recreate the animations inside its engine.


This enables the creation of cool looking vector animations such as this:

Unfortunately, this is the only animation pipeline that Flambe has. Which means it does not support spritesheet animations out of the box.

This was a problem when I started Pop Puff and Away. My artist for the project did not have a Flash Professional application and is more used to spritesheets. This gave way to the birth of the Flambe Animated Sprite class.

I’ve created this tool as an alternative to using Flump. It is a fairly basic system that uses single separate images as frames for the animation. The structure was inspired by Flixel’s sprite animation system which I have used a couple of years back.


Like I said it is pretty basic. I’m planning to add a spritesheet support in the future but for now it does what it is supposed to.

Check it out in action and download it from its GitHub page.

Hopefully, I can get around to sharing more of the tools that I have made for Flambe. There are a lot of them and I believe it can be of use to other Flambe and Haxe users.

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