Accidental Rebel Games is a one-man independent game development studio based in the Philippines manned by programmer, Karlo Licudine.

My studio’s main focus is to team up with other creative individuals from my home country. There are a lot of really creative people here and I want to collaborate and make games with them!

Meet the Accidental Rebel:


Karlo Licudine – Lead Programmer
Karlo is currently employed as a game developer at Indigo Entertainment. After his day job he makes games here at AccidentalRebel games.
He’s currently a board member of the International Game Developers Association Manila Chapter.  And a game development instructor in CIIT Colleges Philippines.

People I’ve collaborated with:


Kahlil Aaron Angeles – Artist
When we decided on making our LD30 game “This Way!” into a mobile game we decided that Kahlil’s art style is the best fit for what we’re going for.
Kahlil is an artist from Unravel Games where they make their own awesome games along with his brother Tristan Angeles.


Jerel Limayo – Music Composer
When we are in need of tunes for our games, we turn to music composer, Jerel Limayo. He currently curates all of his tracks on SoundCloud and he also sells cool vintage goodies at CIVG: Collectors’ Items & Vintage Goodies.


He’s worked with us on Pop Puff Away, Escape of the Minibots, Complexitivity, and on Detective Rizal.